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FCN Photography | December 18, 2017

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Stephanie+Scott’s Backyard Wedding

Stephanie+Scott’s Backyard Wedding

From the moment I met Stephanie I knew she would be a blast to work with. Her and her family are some of the most genuine and nicest people I have met, seriously, and I’m not just saying that because she offered me moonshine lol. The wedding was held in her grandmother’s backyard. They read their nuptials under a tree wrapped in whimsical lights and decorated with hung lanterns, a tree that she probably spent countless hours running around when she was younger. They worked their butts off making pretty much all the decor and little details by themselves. Scott, being a tattoo artist, wrote all the calligraphy. Her dad and neighbor built this rad beer opening station (they should patent it cuz it rocked). Scott’s friends, who are also artists, drew some amazing artwork which were displayed for all the guests to admire. I’d list every amazing DIY project they did, but then you’ll get tired of reading and miss out on the photos haha.

As much as she warned me about the crazy antics that I may have to witness on her wedding day, I didn’t think she was serious. “I’ve seen worse, trust me.” Those are the words I repeated countless times to her, but boy was I wrong! This was 150% the funnest, craziest, most hysterical and full of laughter (and beer) wedding that I have ever photographed. Which brings me to my disclosure, there are A LOT more party photos in this sweet little post than usual, you have been warned.

This amazing wedding was also featured on Style Me Pretty, you can view it here!! How exciting!!

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Stephanie’s Grandfather couldn’t be there to see her marry Scott, but he was definitely there in spirit. These orbs appeared in all the photos of when her dad saw her as she waited to walk down the aisle in her grandparent’s bedroom.

Smack Pst 2 Smack Post First Dance Smack Post Father Daughter Smack Post Mother Son Smack Post Food 1 Smack Post Details 4 Smack Post Details 3 Smack Post Details 2

Meet Finn, their adorable little boy. Look at those widdle cheeks!!

Smack Post 16 Smack Post Party 9 Smack Post Party 1Smack Post Booth Smack Post Party 5
Smack Post Party Beer Smack Post Party 2 Smack Post Party 3 Smack Post Party 4 Smack Post Party 7 Smack Post Party 8IMG_7716 IMG_7714 Smack Post Last Smack Post Cheers


A backyard wedding in South Florida is so rare, and I have no idea why! They are always filled with love, coziness and best of all memories. Stephanie and Scott, I wish you both all the best and hope you have started a trend for future South Florida couples 😉

Thank you Erika and Merari who were my second and third shooters and Julio who manned the Photo Booth. Couldn’t have done without you guys!


  1. Stephanie

    Thank you for all the memories! You really are more than our photographer and part of our extended family. I know we will have many many more amazing memories for you to shoot in the future! I’m so glad we all meshed so well together and had such a great time and experience!!!

    • Francy

      I had such a wonderful time, thank you so much for everything and making my team and I feel like part of the family. I wish somehow I could show the special moment when we all sat in front of you and listened to your love story =) … were seriously like the perfect bride! lol

  2. Terri M Pena

    Beautiful pictures! so different and so cool.

    • Francy

      Thank you so much Terri! This wedding was beeeeeeyond cool lol =P

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